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Connect Twitter to your publication

You can now connect your Twitter account to your Medium publication. When you do, any followers of that Twitter account who also have Medium accounts will automatically become followers of that publication. 


Only publication owners can connect a Twitter account to their publication, and you must have access to the Twitter account you wish to connect. 

Publication followers gained through Twitter connect will not be automatically subscribed to publication letters

The account you connect may not be already linked to any existing Medium account. This will replace any existing link to Twitter you have previously made. 

Note: You will not be able to log into Medium with your Publication's Twitter account.

Connecting Your Publication's Twitter Account

Navigate to your publication's about page. Click on the "Connect to Twitter" button.

You will be sent to Twitter where you can enter the sign-in details of your publication's account. Click the button marked "Sign In":

Once you've signed in successfully, you will be re-directed from Twitter back to your Medium publication's about page. Your Twitter account will now be connected and your Twitter followers will be imported as new Medium followers.

You can disconnect your Twitter account at any time.

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