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About page

When a new publication is created, an about page for that publication is also created automatically. You can access it from the link in publication's navigation, usually to the bottom right of the logo, title and/or background image of the publication home page:

Note: The URL of your publication's about page will always be the same as your publication's home page, with the addition of "/about" at the end, like so:

Your publication's about page consists of the publication logo, publication name & description, "Note from the Editor," and a listing of the writers and editors associated with your publication.

Publication editors can modify the "Note from the Editor" section by clicking on the "Edit" button at the top of the about page.

The text under "Note from Editor" will become editable.

At this time, you do not have access to the text formatting options provided by the text toolbar. So you cannot make bold, italic, links or any other type of text formatting option or embed.

When you've finished, click on "Save" in the upper right corner.

Note: Many publication owners choose to paste in a URL of their publication's submissions guidelines into this space—but the link will not be clickable.

Hide User

While in "Edit" mode on your publication's "About" page, you have the ability to show or hide users from your publication's roster of contributors:

Click "Hide User" and the profile will become grayed out and invisible to visitors. Click "Show User" to re-enable visibility of that contributor.

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