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Publication layout

To manage the layout of your publication, navigate to your publication's edit page, and click on "Homepage layout".

You'll see something like this:

Click the camera icon to upload a publication logo.

To delete a logo, click on it and a border will appear. Then press the delete key on your keyboard.

Optimum Logo Image Size

We assume all logos are retina, meaning that the logo is uploaded at twice the size we assume it will be displayed. If you upload a 2000px wide and 1000px high logo, Medium interprets it as 1000px wide and 500x tall. We do this so logos look great everywhere, from a mobile phone to a giant retina screen.

Logos scale down to fit inside your header if they are a larger resolution than the area we dedicate to logos, but logos that are smaller than the logo area won’t scale up.

Header Size Options

To further customize your publication homepage, you can select from three different sizes for your header.

Small: For a small header, choose "S" next to "Header Size". A preview of your header will appear below. If you select the "Logo" option above, you can upload a publication header image by clicking on the camera icon.

Small headers may consist of a title only or logo only and are left aligned.

No background image is available for small headers.

Medium: Click on "M" to choose a medium-size header. A preview of your header will appear below.

Medium headers can include a title only, a logo only or both together.

Medium headers can only be left-aligned and cannot take a background image.

Large: Click on "L" to choose a large header. A preview of your header will appear below.

With large headers, you have the option to left-align or center your title and logo.

Background Images

With large and medium headers, you can also set a background image which will span horizontally across the page.

Choose the header size, then click on "Add image" to upload a large, high-quality photo to use as a background image for your header.

Your title and/or logo will be overlaid on your background image.

Optimal background image size:

Large Header: While we require the image be at least 1500px wide and 750px high, we recommend you make the largest image possible with a 2:1 ratio (meaning it’s twice as wide as it is tall).

Medium Header: We recommend using the same minimum width of 1500px wide with an 8:1 ratio. For this setting, you may want to use the focal point cropping for the image. 

Focal Point Cropping: You can also set the focal point for cropping of your background image by clicking on the menu option marked "Background image":

Note: For best results with a logo on a background image as in the example above, use a .PNG format image saved with a transparent background.

Click on "Remove image" to delete your image.


Set a hex color code to use in your Medium publication by clicking on the circle next to "Color" and entering in a six digit color code (do not add the # sign).

Choose which color setting to use, "Subtle" or "Bold".

Subtle: Choosing "Subtle" will apply the color hex code selected to the following items in your publication: highlights, the follow button, the recommend button and author name.

Bold: Choosing "Bold" will apply the color hex code selected to highlights, the follow button, the recommend button, author name, and will apply a band of background color to both the publication homepage and to the top of stories in that publication.


To clear a custom color, click on the circle and enter "xxxxxx" as a value.


Publication layout is controlled through sections. Sections are a block of stories from your publication, pulled from the same source data and organized into the same layout style.

This is a generic blank section:

All of the important controls for publications are available at the top of each new section in the publication layout toolbar.

New Section

To create a new section, click on the "+" (plus) sign in the publication layout toolbar:

Click the "+" sign for every new section, which will then have it's own uniquely customizable publication layout toolbar:

Section Titles:

You can customize section titles as you like:

Remove Section

To delete a section, click on the garbage can icon for that section:

Number of Stories Per Section

For each section of your publication layout, choose how many stories you'd like to have presented in that section. Click on the "-" or "+" sign next to the story number for that section.

Example: 1 story in a section

Example: 2 stories in a section

Example: 3 stories in a section

Note: Three stories per row is the maximum for any section. So six stories will be two rows, and so on.

Stories Source

At the left side of the publication layout toolbar is a drop-down menu. Click on the down-arrow next to "Stories: Latest":

You'll see the following four options for story sources:


The most recently published stories from your publication, in reverse chronological order.



The most recommended stories from your publication, in reverse chronological order.



Select "Featured" to choose a specific article(s) to feature in this section:

Once you've selected "Featured" under the drop-down, you'll be able to choose a story under the down-arrow marked "Select story":

Clicking on a story will feature that story in your section block, and if you have more than one story in this section, you'll be able to select the next featured story, by clicking again on "Select Story":



When you select "Tagged" as a story source, you'll be able to define a tag as a selector for stories published in your publication matching that tag:

Display Mode

From the publication layout toolbar, you can choose a display mode for your stories in that section:





Note: The main difference between "Stream" and "List" is that in "List" there are featured images pulled from each story included in the layout.


In a mixed layout section, a large image and featured story appears at left with a list of other featured stories you can set at right. 


Under "Stream" and "List" mode, there is an "About" box at right. This box is automatically populated with your publication name, description, a link to your publication's about page, and how many followers you have:

How it will look

Here is a preview of how your about information box will appear once you save your changes:

Story Info Placement

Show story info under the image

Available in Grid mode only, you can click this icon to display the story titles and sub-titles below the stories' featured images:

Show story info over the image

Available in Grid mode only, you can click this icon to display the story titles and sub-titles overlaid on the stories' featured images:


Margin Between Stories

Show margins between stories

Available in Grid mode only, you can click this icon to display margins between stories in a section:

Hide margins between stories

Available in Grid mode only, you can click this icon to hide margins between stories in a section:

*See also: modifying your homepage navigation.

Save Your Work:

When you're finished modifying your publication layout, click on "Save" at the top of the screen.

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