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New Publication

To create a new publication, sign into and click on your user icon in the upper right corner. Alternatively, go to

You'll see a drop-down box like this:

Click on "Publications" to access your publications page.

You'll see a page like the below. Click on "New Publication."

(You can also access that page directly at any time by visiting

The "New Publication" page looks like this:

Fill out "Name" and "Description" in the fields provided.

The publication name must be between 8 and 140 characters, and at least two words. Use of the word "Medium" in publication titles is reserved for the company.

As you fill out your publication name, you will see a preview of the URL for your publication, such as: Please note: once you've saved your new publication, you will not be able to change this URL.

Then you can assign a publication avatar to be used in previews of your content throughout the site. The image must be square and a minimum of 60px by 60px.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required: name, description and publication avatar.

You can additionally add a publication logo, which appears at the top of all your publication's stories. It is 72px tall and can have a maximum width of 600px.

Click on the camera icon at right to upload a publication logo.

To delete your publication logo, click on "Remove".

Add contact information for your publication. Any email address or Twitter/Facebook page you provide here will be made public.

Add tags to your publication to enable people to search for and discover your publication based on certain keywords or topics.

Add a tag and press enter. You can add up to three tags.

Add people to your publication.

When you create a new publication, you are automatically the owner of that publication, and also an editor. Only publication owners can delete a publication and add editors.

You can add editors by typing their username into the "Add editor..." box and double clicking on the user.

When you add other editors, they will be able to write and publish their own stories in the publication. They will also be able to request and accept stories by other writers in a publication. Editors also have the ability to edit drafts and stories in their publication. Editors can also add and manage writers associated with a publication. 

When you've finished adding editors and writers to your publication, click the "Next" button in the lower right corner to go to the publication layout screen.

Homepage Layout

Under the "Homepage layout" screen which appears next, you can set an optional public name and description.

Click the camera icon to upload a publication logo.

Optimum Logo Image Size

We assume all logos are retina, meaning that the logo is uploaded at twice the size we assume it will be displayed. If you upload a 2000px wide and 1000px high logo, Medium interprets it as 1000px wide and 500x tall. We do this so logos look great everywhere, from a mobile phone to a giant retina screen.

Logos scale down to fit inside your header if they are a larger resolution than the area we dedicate to logos, but logos that are smaller than the logo area won’t scale up.

Header Size Options

To further customize your publication homepage, you can select from three different sizes for your header.

Small: For a small header, choose "S" next to "Header Size". A preview of your header will appear below. If you select the "Logo" option above, you can upload a publication header image by clicking on the camera icon.

Small headers may consist of a title only or logo only and are left aligned.

No background image is available for small headers.

Medium: Click on "M" to choose a medium-size header. A preview of your header will appear below.

Medium headers can include a title only, a logo only or both together.

Medium headers can only be left-aligned and cannot take a background image.

Large: Click on "L" to choose a large header. A preview of your header will appear below.

With large headers, you have the option to left-align or center your title and logo.

Background Images

With large headers only, you can also set a background image which will span horizontally across the page.

Choose "L" as header size, then click on "Add image" to upload a large, high-quality photo to use as a background image for your header.

Your title and/or logo will be overlaid on your background image.

Optimal background image size: While we require the image be at least 1500px wide and 750px high, we recommend you make the largest image possible with a 2:1 ratio (meaning it’s twice as wide as it is tall).

You can also set the focal point for cropping of your background image by clicking on the menu option marked "Background image":

Note: For best results with a logo on a background image as in the example above, use a .PNG format image saved with a transparent background.

Click on "Remove image" to delete your image.


Set a hex color code to use in your Medium publication by clicking on the circle next to "Color" and entering in a six digit color code (do not add the # sign).

Choose which color setting to use, "Subtle" or "Bold".

Subtle: Choosing "Subtle" will apply the color hex code selected to the following items in your publication: highlights, the follow button, the recommend button and author name.

Bold: Choosing "Bold" will apply the color hex code selected to highlights, the follow button, the recommend button, author name, and will apply a band of background color to both the publication homepage and to the top of stories in that publication.


To clear a custom color, click on the circle and enter "xxxxxx" as a value.

*For more information on setting up sections in your publication, see the full instructions for controlling publication  layout.

Homepage Navigation

When you're ready, click on "Homepage navigation" to complete your publication set-up. Here you will Create a custom navigation with tags. Those tags will be visible on your homepage as categories. Selecting a category will show all the stories tagged with a given tag.

To add a new tag, type in your tag on a new line and press enter. To delete a tag, hover over it and a trash can icon will appear. Click it to delete your tag.

If you hover over a tag number, you can also click and drag to re-arrange the order of your tag navigation items. You are able to add up to seven tags.

When you're ready, click the button marked "Save" and you're all set.

Now when you go to your publication home page, you'll see your header, color settings and tag navigation applied:

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