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Open paywall & meter

Medium's open paywall features a meter for readers who aren’t members yet. We allow non-members to access three paywalled stories for free each month, so your ideas as an author can reach more people and readers can get a taste of the smart, in-depth analysis that’s available to members.

Previously, for non-members to access their three free stories, they had to sign in to a free Medium account. But we want to get readers into your stories immediately — so, our meter will be available to logged-out readers as well. That means you can share your stories broadly (on social media, email, etc.) without worrying about asking new readers to sign up for an account.

Here are the details:

  • The stories you’ve already published for members are now available to logged-out readers. There are no changes to how you publish a story for members.
  • We’ll notify readers (whether they are logged out or are signed in to a free Medium account) about how many stories for members they’ve read this month at the bottom of their browser.
  • You’ll still earn money based on the engagement from members. Every reader that upgrades to membership increases the pool of money going back to authors in the Partner Program.
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