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New Medium Homepage

The new homepage is designed as a finite digest of stories, organized into sections, and customizable to reflect your interests. In addition to following your favorite writers and publications, you can now also follow specific topics. When you follow a topic, you will get curated digests with top stories on that topic delivered directly to your homepage.

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Can I revert to the original Medium feed experience?

Sorry, the original feed is no longer supported. Here is more info on maximizing your new homepage experience.

Who picks the stories shown in these topics?

We have a small but passionate team of curators who spend their days and nights scouring Medium to find interesting stories on their topics of expertise — so you don’t have to. They always welcome suggestions, so feel free to email if you see a great story that you think should be featured.

Why do I only see 3 topics on my homepage?

Each "edition" (morning, afternoon, and evening) will display a maximum of 3 topics. If you add more than 3 topics to your homepage, the additional topics will cycle through future editions as they are curated. 

How can I select more topics to follow?

You can find more recommended topics to follow at the bottom of your homepage or see them all here. After selecting a topic to follow, a digest of the best stories on that topic will be added to your homepage and consistently updated when new stories are ready. Again, you'll only see 3 topics per edition (see above).

How many topics can I choose from?

There are currently over 50 topics being actively curated by Medium’s editorial team, based on the most popular topics read on the site. This number will continue to grow in the coming months.

How many topics can I add to my homepage or app home screen?

There is no limit to the amount of topics you can add, but you'll only see 3 topics in each "edition" (morning, afternoon, and evening). You can see all the topics you follow here.

How do I remove a topic from my homepage or app home screen?

You can remove any topic by clicking the green “Following” button on the topic’s page so it turns back to white and reads “Follow.” By unfollowing a topic you will no longer see that digest of stories on your homepage or home screen.

You can also remove a topic by going to the Explore topics page and deselecting the topic you wish to remove.

Is this available on my Medium app?

We're rolling this out slowly to both iOS and Android.

I noticed my homepage doesn’t continue loading more stories as I scroll down. How can I find more things to read?

You can always discover more stories by clicking through each of the section headers. For example, if you want to see more stories from “Popular on Medium” you can click on ‘more >’ to see a longer list. You can also explore some of the other topics to find additional stories to read.

What’s the difference between following a tag and following a topic?

These new topics you see on the homepage are curated around a certain subject. There are a finite amount of stories featured in each topic and they’re refreshed on a regular basis. Tags are a way for writers to categorize their stories and reach interested readers. Tags are factored in algorithmically as part of topics.


I want to see stories from the people and publications I follow, not just the six I see on my homepage or app home screen. Can I still do that?

Yes, you will always see six stories from the people and publications you follow featured in the dedicated digest for that at the top of your homepage or app home screen. To find even more, you can click on ‘more >’.

How often are the topic digests updated?

Digests are updated at different cadences, depending on reader demand and interest. We’ll continue to adjust the update frequencies based on data and member feedback.


We’re continually working to build you the best reading experience possible. We’d love to hear your feedback on this new homepage. Please send thoughts to

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