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Members-only audio versions

Medium members now have access to human-narrated audio versions of members-only content, as well as other top content on Medium selected by our editors.


What platforms are audio versions available on?

Members can listen to audio versions on web, as well as the iOS and Android apps.

How are the narrations made?

All our narrations are done by humans - some by the author and some by a professional voiceover artist. We do not use automated voices.

What content will include an audio edition?

All exclusive, member-funded stories will include an audio version. Our editors will also select additional top stories on Medium that would make a great audio version.

Does Medium get authors’ permission to narrate their stories?

If a story would translate well to audio, Medium will reach out to the author and ask for consent before narrating their story. Medium will never narrate a writer’s story without their explicit consent.

Can anyone upload audio narrations of their posts?

Not currently.

Do audio recordings work offline?

Not yet, but don't change that dial!

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