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Get started with custom domains


Custom domains let you use your own URL for Medium publications. You have access to Medium’s powerful, networked publishing platform using your own domain or subdomain.

You’re responsible for registering and maintaining your own domain name. Medium enables you to link that domain name to a Medium publication

For those migrating an existing self-hosted WordPress site to a custom domain on Medium, 301 re-directs are automatically set up — so long as you’re using the same domain or subdomain with us as you were previously.

Create Custom Domain

To create a custom domain for your publication, please follow the steps below. Please note that all custom domain owners must pay a one-time charge of $75, which covers setup, an SSL certificate, and ongoing support for domains. If you no longer wish to create a publication with a custom domain you can still use your publication on free of charge.

  • Go to your publication home page, click the publication avatar (top right). If you do not already have a Medium publication, please follow the instruction on this page. Please note, custom domains cannot be pointed to your profile page nor to a post page.  
  • From the drop-menu, choose Homepage & Settings.
  • From your settings page, click Use your own domain.


  • Fill out the form with your domain and credit card information and click Accept.
  • Our support team will contact you with further instructions to complete the process as soon as possible.

More information about setting up your custom domain. 

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