Publication images

To edit your publication images, go to your publication homepage > click the publication icon > click Homepage and settings.

Publication avatar


Assign a publication avatar to be used in previews of your content throughout the site. 

The image must be square and a minimum of 60px by 60px.

Publication logo (appears on posts)


Add a publication logo, which appears at the top of all your publication's stories. 

It is 72px tall and can have a maximum width of 600px.


Publication homepage images

Under Homepage and settings >  Layout, you can select a header size, upload a logo and add a background image (large header size only).

Optimum homepage logo size

We assume all publication homepage logos are retina-ready, meaning that the logo is uploaded at twice the size it will be displayed. 

If you upload a 2000px wide and 1000px high logo, Medium interprets it as 1000px wide and 500x tall. We do this so logos will look good on all sizes of screens.

Logos scale down to fit inside your header if they are a larger resolution than the area we dedicate to logos, but logos that are smaller than the logo area won’t scale up.

Background Images

With large headers only, you can set a background image which will span horizontally across the page.

Choose L as header size, then click on Add background image to upload a high-quality photo to use as a background image for your header.

Your title and/or logo will be overlaid on your background image. For this reason, if you'd like a transparency effect, use a .PNG file with a transparent background.


Optimal background image size

While we require background images on large headers to be at least 1500px wide and 750px high, we recommend you upload the largest image you can, maintaining  a 2:1 width to height ratio.

Background image focal point

To set the focal point for automatic cropping of your background image, click menu option Background image > click on the image to set focus.


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