Medium Series feature deprecation

As of October 2020, Medium no longer supports the Series format for posting content on Medium. They are no longer accessible from profile pages, but they still can be viewed using the direct link.

For users who have published Series and still want the content to be accessible, we recommend republishing it as a Medium story.

Accessing your Series content

There are several ways to find all of your published Series:

  • By accessing your Stats page, go to the Series tab to find the list of all your published Series.
  • By requesting an export of your content in a .zip file, which includes Series as well. Once you download your archive to your device, you can open your Series files, and copy-paste the content to a new draft and publish as a story on your Medium account.
  • By using the non-beta version of the Medium iOS app, you can still access Series from the app. To turn off beta, in your app to go to Settings and tap the Toggle Medium beta option.
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