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Create series

Series can be created on the web and on iPhone only. 

To create a series on web, go to: or tap the New story button 📝 > Create a series.


To create a series on iOS, open the app > navigate to Series tab > scroll down and tap New.


To zoom out while creating a series on iOS, tap the top of the screen. 


Text entry and formatting works the same as it does on Medium posts. 

Cards can be either left-aligned or centered and will apply to all contents.

Embeds are not currently supported. 

Drafts & Auto-save

Draft versions of series are saved automatically while you work. Drafts are visible on iOS under Series tab > View all at bottom, and at on web. 

Add & remove cards

To add a new card on web, select a card and press the down arrow icon above it > choose Insert card before, after or delete:


To add a new card in iOS, click the plus (+) and (-) icons to add or remove cards.

Re-order cards

To re-order cards using the web editor, click and drag the drag icon (six dots) to place the selected card where you want it. 


Cards cannot currently be re-ordered in the iOS editor. 


You can use your phone's camera or photo library to upload images to series. You will need to grant Medium access to your camera and/or photo library. 

  • Fullscreen - image expands to fill the screen, and will be cropped automatically. 
  • Tilt - large images (especially landscape format) can be explored by tilting your phone.
  • Inline - images will scaled instead of cropped to fit screen, and may be accompanied by tex. 

All image formats can accept a caption. 

To remove images in iOS, click the X in upper right corner of that card. On web, select the image and press backspace on your keyboard. 

Preview & Publish

While working in the web editor, you can click Send preview to phone which will send a push notification to your iOS app. 

Press publish.


To share a series, tap the top of the screen (or go to the end) > tap Share this series. 

Series are currently only viewable on iPhone and Android, so anyone with a share link on web will be prompted to view it on their phone. 

Edit & stats

To edit a series or view its stats, tap the top of the screen > tap the down arrow > tap Edit or Stats. Or access these options from the last page of your series. 


iOS users can upload videos to Series, with a maximum of 30 seconds in length. 

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