Publication sections

 Who can use this feature?

This feature is only available to editors of a Medium publication.

If your publication is using the beta design tools, see this article instead.

Publication homepages are based on sections. You can add as many sections to your publication and customize how many stories they should contain and how they should behave.

Managing sections

  1. Go to your publication homepage and click your publication avatar in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Click Homepage and settings.
  3. Click the Homepage tab.

Add new section

To create a new section, click the   on the toolbar.

Section titles

Enable it to add an optional title for the section.

Number of stories

To change how many stories appear in a section, click – or +. You can add a maximum of 25 stories per section.

Choose a source

Click the down arrow next to Section to change which stories appear in a section.

  • Latest stories: the most recently published stories from your publication.
  • Trending stories: the most engaged stories from your publication.
  • Featured stories: choose specific stories to feature.
  • Stories in a topic: use stories with a specific topic for this section.
  • Promo: custom call to action. Learn more.

Display mode

To change the display mode, click one of the following options from the toolbar.

  • Grid: story title and large image thumbnail appear in a block.
  • Stream: story title only is displayed.
  • List: story title displayed as in stream, with post image thumbnail.
  • Mixed: one large featured image/title block appears block at the left, with a small title list at the right.

Title placement

In grid mode only, you can set titles to appear on top of the image or below it.


Also, in grid mode only, you can hide or show margins between post images.

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