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Publication headers

To manage the header of your publication, navigate to your publication's homepage > click Homepage and settings > click Homepage tab.

Header sizes

Small headers may use title only or logo only and are left aligned.



Medium headers can include a title only, a logo only or both together, are left-aligned and may contain a background image (with a minimum width of 1500px and an aspect ratio of 8:1).


Large headers can include a title only, a logo only or both together, may be centered or left-aligned and may optionally include a background image (with a minimum dimension of 1500px wide and 750px high and an aspect ration of 2:1).


Header colors

Set a hex color code to use in your Medium publication by clicking on the circle next to "Color" and entering in a six digit color code (do not add the # sign).


Subtle: Choosing "Subtle" applies the selected color to highlights on publication posts, your publication's follow button, recommend button and author name.

Bold: Choosing "Bold" applies the same color changes as Subtle and adds a background color to your header and top of publication posts. 

To clear a custom color, click on the circle and enter "xxxxxx" as a value.

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