Edit publication settings


To access your publication settings page:

  1. Go to your publication homepage.
  2. Click on your publication avatar in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click Homepage and settings.

Edit publication details

From your publication settings, you can edit your publication's name, description, avatar, add tags, as well as add your social media accounts.

Edit publication avatar

Assign a publication avatar to be used in previews of your content throughout the site.


To change your publication avatar, click Change image.

Edit publication logo

From here you can add or remove a publication logo, which appears at the top of all your publication's stories.


Click Change image to change your publication logo.

Manage editors & writers

In the section People, you can add editors or writers by typing in their username and then selecting the user from the list. New users need to set up a Medium account beforehand.


There are two levels of permissions in publications:

  • Writers can submit stories and drafts to the publication. 
  • Editors can review, edit and publish those drafts. 

Adding and removing editors and writers

To add a writer or an editor, type in their name or username and select them from the drop-down list. You can remove writers and editors from your publication in the same way. Be sure to click "Save" to confirm your changes.

To see the full list of editors and writers in your publication, click View all below Writers or go to your publication's About page by clicking the link in the footer.

Note: Only publication owners can add or remove editors.

Delete publication

  1. On your publication settings page, click Advanced.
  2. Delete publication from the drop-down menu.

Deleting a publication will not automatically delete any stories in that publication.

Note: Only publication owners can delete their publications.

Common questions

How can I change my publication URL?

To change your publication URL, submit a support request.

How can I transfer publication ownership to someone else?
If you're a publication owner and want to transfer the ownership of your publication to another editor in your publication, submit a support request.
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