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Medium Membership & Partner Program FAQ


What's changing for non-members?

If you choose not to join Medium as a member, nothing will change for you. You'll still have access to all the Medium features and content you're used to. 

What do I get as a member?

Our Medium membership is in limited release right now before we open it up to the world. So this is just the beginning -- we’ll be adding new features soon. As a member, you’ll get exclusive features (starting with an offline reading list), first access to new features (starting with our new homepage), and exclusive stories funded by members’ monthly contributions.

Can links to members-only content be shared on social media?

Links to members-only stories can be shared on social media, but will remain locked for non-members.


Do I have to pay to write on Medium? 

No. You will never need to pay to write on Medium.

Are there any changes to how writers can publish on Medium?

No. Everyone can (and will always be able to) publish on Medium for free, and anyone in the world will be able to read those stories. Nothing is changing.

Being a member on Medium does not influence how the stories you choose to publish are surfaced or discovered on Medium. We’re proud to be an open platform for ideas that deserve to be heard, and that remains unchanged.

Do posts written by members automatically become members-only content?

No. When a paying member of Medium writes a post, it will not change who can read the story. Our membership program is designed for readers, and we aren’t planning to add any features for writers as part of the membership. The only stories that will be locked for members are ones where the writer or publisher is paid in advance.

Partner Program

What is the Medium Partner Program?

Writers across the world will continue to be able to publish on Medium for free, but we know there’s a great deal of content that never gets written or published for lack of it making economic sense to do so. We want those stories to exist on Medium, and we think our paying readers will want to read them too. The program is designed for writers, publishers, experts, and content creators who want to work with Medium on paid writing opportunities.

Will you expand the topics for writers to pitch in the future?

Yes. For starters, we're focusing on a limited set of topics and will expand into other areas in the future.

What does our new membership mean for writers?

We’ll be directly investing our member subscription revenue into quality content. We’ll invest not by creating content ourselves, but by partnering with independent writers and publishers who have collective expertise across thousands of topics. If you’re a writer, publisher, or expert who wants to do great work and get paid for it, we invite you to join us.

What should I expect if I’m accepted to the Medium Partner Program?

In the Medium Partner Program, you’ll get streamlined access to submit stories or ideas for consideration. Once that story or idea is accepted, you will receive payment and your story will be published exclusively for paying Medium members. We’ll also occasionally reach out to you for feedback on how to improve the program, and we’ll be evolving it accordingly.

Where can I apply for the Medium Partner program?

Find out more about this program and apply here.

Do I need to have a membership to be part of the Medium Partner Program?

No, any Medium user can apply to the Medium Partner Program.

How are content creators paid?

Writers, publishers, and content creators will get paid competitive rates per piece.


I’m already paying for a membership to a publication. Is that publication’s content now included as part of my Medium membership?

Medium memberships do not include and are billed separately from any publication memberships you may have.

What's the difference between publication memberships and Medium memberships?

Becoming a Medium member entitles you to exclusive content from writers and publications, exclusive features, and early access to new product features before the rest of the Medium community receives them.

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor of this exclusive content, we recommend you apply to the Medium Partner Program or reach out to us for more details.

Separately, some select publications on Medium offer exclusive content and community benefits when you subscribe to their publication directly. Medium does not take a cut of the revenue generated by those publications. These programs are separate from Medium membership.

New Homepage for Members

What is the new homepage for members?

The new Medium homepage is a redesigned reading experience that members have access to before other users. Building on feedback we’ve heard from some Medium users, our goal is to create a more satisfying, completable, and controllable reading experience. This new combines curated topics with the most recent updates from the users, publications, and tags you follow. Readers can also choose to follow certain topics that interest them, which then adds that topic module directly to your homepage.

Can members revert back to the old Medium feed?

Sure. We hope members will give this new one a try, but they can always revert back in their Settings tab.

Will my stories still show up on this new homepage?

Yes. Members with this new homepage will still see stories by the writers, publications, and tags they follow-- with each appearing in individual sections on their homepage. There is also a section that shows new stories from the tags they follow.

Will non-members get this new homepage too?

This is an early-access feature for members only right now. We will look to build in member feedback, and ultimately extend to all Medium users in the near future.

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