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Manage email settings

To change your Medium email address, go to Settings > Email settings > Edit email > enter a new address > Save.

To manage what kinds of emails Medium sends you, go to Settings > Email settings. Choose the settings you prefer. 

  • Notifications on your content (your stories and publications).
  • Social notifications: when your network interacts with you.
  • Mention notifications: when people mention you in their stories on Medium.
  • Reader and writer digests: new stories written and recommended by people you follow on Medium. 
  • Topic digest: top stories curated around specific subjects or interests you follow on Medium.
  • Product announcements: news about product features on Medium, or questions related to user research.
  • Writing opportunities: personalized opportunities to write and engage.
  • Letters: letters from publications you follow on Medium.
  • Publication email subscriptions: Control which publications may send you Letters.
  • All email: Turn off all non-administrative emails from Medium. 
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