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Manual migration

If you’re on a platform other than Wordpress and have a relatively small archive, migrating your blog on a post-by-post basis is currently your best option. Here’s how.

  1. Create a publication if you'd like (especially if you're setting up a custom domain). Otherwise, you could always import directly to a profile.
  2. Send the link to your publication and request that it be exempted from the posting limit.
  3. Use the import tool to bring over your stories, pasting in the link to one post at a time. To protect your followers’ feeds from being filled with your migration, you should publish each post as unlisted. Then change each post status to public. Make sure to put each post in a publication, especially if you want to use your own custom domain.
  4. Check the timestamps for your posts. Are they the correct, original timestamps? If not, send us a list of links to each Medium post with the correct date, and we’ll update them. The same goes for post authors — if any posts should be under a different Medium account, let us know.
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