Homepage promos

 Who can use this feature?

This feature is only available to editors of a Medium publication.

If your publication is using the beta design tools, see this article instead.

Homepage promotions enable you to add custom blocks to your publication that link your readers to a post, a feature page, or anywhere else on the web.

To add a new promo section to your publication layout, go to your publication Homepage and settings section > Homepage > create a new section > choose Promo from the drop-down menu.

You can choose to include a section title, image, headline text, button and specify a custom background color. Whichever combination of elements you choose, they will appear as a clickable link to the URL of your choosing.

Uploaded images are displayed at either maximum height of 175px or max. width of 600px. PNG files with a transparent background will work well here.

Hover over an uploaded image to replace it.

You can use as many promo blocks as you like on your homepage.

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